How to use my Soul Truth Self-Coaching Process! If you're feeling stressed in your life or business, here's a simple workbook of prompts to journal with and get the answers you need. Download the workbook here: https://bethrowles.ck.page/83eeb9a352

Posted by Beth Rowles – Optimize Your Life or Business on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Here’s a quick intro and how-to on my Soul Truth Self-Coaching Process! Download the workbook here.


Hey Friends!
Welcome! Today I’m going to introduce you to the Soul Truth Self-Coaching Process which is a workbook you can use when you’re stressed and aren’t sure how to move forward.
I’m Beth Rowles, I help you optimize your life or business by silencing that critical inner voice so you can create better relationships by showing people who you really are.
Great so let’s get started!
So first of all, I wanted to cover some definitions.
If you’ve been doing your own personal growth work for a while these will be obvious but you may not really know what some of these emotions really mean.
First – attached. If you’re attached to something it means that it feels like it’s part of your identity, that not having it would mean losing a part of you.
Illusion means your story about reality instead of what reality really is. This can be related to labels humans have used to define things – like money. Money is just a piece of paper. We’ve assigned it the meaning of being what we receive in exchange for our energy.
Next is grieving – grief is when you have to let go of something you can never get back. Similar to sadness, but with just sadness there’s the possibility of getting it back.
Shame – most of the shame we feel is inauthentic and comes from our parents. When they say “Why did you do that?!” when you do something not the way they would do it, that’s inauthentic shame.
Real shame is when you do something that hurts someone else and you need to make it right.
Guilt is related to shame. True guilt is again when you’ve hurt someone and need to make it right. But most guilt is related to our inauthentic shame so it’s not even real.
And finally, survival. I think you probably know this but if not, it’s related to having food, shelter, and support from a community. We think of it in terms of money mostly. When you dig deeper into feeling like your survival is threatened, it’s usually not. There’s almost always SOME other solution.

Ok so this is really simple, you’ll just go through each of these questions in order from top to bottom and thoughtfully write your answers.
These are actually carefully chosen based on the body’s chakras, or energy centers, also the centers of development we go through as we’re growing up and again when we move out of our parent’s house.
This top down approach helps you get closer to the root of the problem.
Once you have your answers, go over to the right side and write down the TRUTH of the matter. What do you absolutely know to be true about this situation or your thoughts? Are people really judging you? Is your survival really at stake? Should you really feel guilty?
It may be hard at first to hear the truth but if you ask yourself that question – what is the truth about this – and listen for the answer, then you should hear something. Write it down.

That’s it. This will help you get clarity, get out of your story, maybe feel some repressed emotions, and hear the wisdom of your soul.
Your soul truth.

Visit the link to download your workbook, you’ll get an email with a link to click on to download it. Check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it right away.

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Thanks and have a great rest of your day!



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