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You don’t want to be like your mom and don’t want your kids to suffer like you did. You’re worried you’re doing it wrong and feel numb, anxious, angry, or on edge – and definitely tired. Your spouse might describe you as controlling and you spend a lot of time reading and researching. Divorce has come up in a fight or two, and you’re not ok with that.

Does that sound like you? Then come on in girl, it’s time to learn how to be supported in your marriage!

Enroll now in my signature online course, The Authentic Life. 

I share with you everything I did that saved my marriage – without my husband doing anything! I used our relationship to more deeply understand and heal myself, and you can too! This is hard, deep inner work, and isn’t for everyone.

By the end of this course, it’ll feel like you’re dating your husband again, and you’ll actually enjoy his company. You’ll feel empathy for your spouse and will be receptive to love again. You’ll be open-hearted with him and others. You’ll communicate transparently rather than trying to be a people-pleaser.  Plus you’ll have deeper, meaningful friendships and can hold space in your interactions for people who disagree with you (or who you disagree with) and can persuade or be persuaded to a new point of view. You’ll bring people closer to you. Click the arrow to sign up.








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Getting the Love You Deserve

Boundaries 101 – $27

The fighting. The fear even when he’s never given you a reason to be afraid. The anxiety about how to raise healthy adults – not knowing when to hold a limit and what to model for your kids so they’ll suffer less.

If you grew up with very domineering parents and feel this way today, there’s a good chance you’re an empath. An empath feels the emotions of others as if they were their own. And if there was a lot of anger or punishment in your childhood, then your body created a plan to perceive and respond to a threat by changing your behavior to make them happy.

In other words, you became convinced somewhere along the way that you’re responsible for how OTHERS feel. Well, you’re not. And there’s a term for that: Emotional Enmeshment.

Feeling personally responsible for the feelings of those around you means that you’re not actually sure where you end and they begin. And not knowing this means that you honestly never REALLY know what YOU want. Or how to give them what THEY need! It’s a lose-lose way of living and it’s time to kick emotional enmeshment to the curb!

This course will help you kick emotional enmeshment to the curb so you can do what you want without feeling guilty, help your family members grow, and get the love you deserve. Click the arrow to sign up.

Relationship Relief

Private Mentoring  – $69/session

If you just. hate. him. so. much.

Or if you desperately want to feel a more supportive, loving partnership.

Create a relationship you love by exploring the repeating patterns, judgments, disagreements, and old subconscious beliefs holding you back from having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

DIY: Discover How to Put You in Your Business

Online digital marketing course + Tools – $49/month

Become a part of The Family Alchemists! Get access to my online digital marketing course to learn how to create and grow your business PLUS tools like 17Hats ($45/month value), Vimeo ($20/month value), Zoom Webinar, Acuity, and more.

Get the tech + education you need to grow your business!

All Family Alchemists™ can also be listed in our directory and/or be available to be matched to clients through our proprietary matching quiz. If your business is in alignment, we’ll talk about this option. You also have the ability to build authority by co-publishing your content to our platforms, which tells the Google Gods that you know what you’re talking about! Apply for membership today!

Build & Market Your Big Beautiful Business

Bring It Out of Your Dreams and into The World

I’ve mapped out the nearly 205 steps each online business owner takes to go from idea to digital reality. Through mentoring, done-with-you, and done-for-you digital content creation, we’ll make sure you launch or rebrand a business that feels totally aligned to you in every way, from visual identity to ideal client.

Want to view my portfolio? Click here.

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So impressed with these ladies…

Their love stories… but the feeling’s mutual.

Just what I was looking for!

Thank you again for your help in putting this together. It is amazing how you were able to pull this together based on our conversation and the questionnaires, it is really beautiful and just what I was looking for!

Emily Semenchuk

What you create is beautiful.

I’m so loving working with you Beth! What you create is beautiful. I appreciate your patience, tenacity and the way you believe in me more than I believe in myself! I can’t wait until we unveil my new website!

Deb Blum

Understand yourself, your market, and how to build it.

The digital course is a really awesome course and really helps you walk through the key tenants to understand yourself, your market, and how to build it.

Yukti Rao

Beth is my dream maker!

Beth is my dream maker! For the longest time, I wanted a digital presence that not only showcased my expertise but reflected my heart. Beth did that and then some! She is an exceptionally gifted digital social entrepreneur, designer and coach. I am thrilled with my new website and course layout and its already selling with only a soft launch! She conducted an in-depth interview and fleshed out the perfect invitation for engagement, highlighting my mission, strengths. content while showcasing my expertise. Not only do I recommend her, I will hire her again for my next social marketing project.  

Laura Lyles Reagan

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A portion of all sales goes to the Western Governors University General Scholarship Fund.

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