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super soul model:


1.  a married role model mom, aligned to her soul truth, inspiring her husband to reconnect to his

2. an individual living her purpose, aligned to the truth of who she is, inspiring her children or friends to do the same

3. an entrepreneur serving her clients with an inspirational business guided by the expertise of her soul

Align to the expertise of your Soul Truth & inspire everyone to grow

‘Cause the world’s looking at you, girl!


As a consultant for wise creatives who want their family life or business to reflect their own brand of awesome,  I am bff’s with lots of women who TOTALLY get what’s wrong with others but have a real blind spot when it comes to how to change it.

Because they’re ALWAYS learning, inquisitive, and forward-progressing, they sometimes assume everyone else is, too.

The way we change others is solely and only through what we, ourselves do and model. Exposing the true signature of who you are in the world’s sea of images is the most important work you can do!

But the spotlight is scary, all that energy on us is too much, and we retreat back to the safety of obscurity and secretly just wish everyone else would see what we see without showing up on the film ourselves.

As the founder and CEO of an organization that serves coaches and healers to build their businesses, I have firsthand experience with people who have a BRIGHT light to share but dim it without even realizing it. I’ve helped clients across the world discover their magic and use that clarity to drive everything from what they create in their business to attracting change in their most intimate relationships.


Love from other Super Soul Models I’ve worked with!

“ I would spend a million dollars with you Beth. I trust with the way you are following this process for us… “

“I love it Beth! I’m so honored. You’ve outdone yourself. This is beyond my expectations… I feel so special. I’m close to tears. It’s like I get to have what I always dreamed it could be.”
Laura Lyles Reagan

“Beth’s work was far and away the best. She really knocked it out of the park. Incredible work.”
Drew Marston

“So very grateful for your time and listening today.”

It’s time to unapologetically rock your stuff on the catwalk.

Get your smize ready, stand up tall,

and let’s go take over the next full spread in the magazine of your life.

It’s time to go from ready to throw in the towel…

…to throwin’ your hands in the air

If I hadn’t gone into coaching, I wouldn’t have learned how much I also love marketing. Being open to the possibility allowed me to become even more of me in this world.

If you’re open to new possibilities & ready to learn:

  • your unique gifts and offerings
  • what you’re really about, your magic
  • the colors, images, and visual identity that represent you
  • the people your gifts can help
  • how far out of alignment you are with your Soul Truth and how to align to it
  • why these patterns (aka difficult relationships) are here for you and how to get out of them

… then bring me in.


Let’s get you totally clear and confident about what you’re here to model.

Following others? You’re so done with that. Time for them to follow YOU.

Let’s Work Together

Understand it to transform it

One hour call to examine whatever’s bothering you – whether it’s your own behavior you want to change, or someone else’s


Discover and align to your soul truth

Through a series of conversations, questionnaires, interviews, and chats, I’ll help you discover your unique gift and how you can offer it to the world 


8 Hours of digital content creation

Have content ready to re-purpose for social media? Or starting over with your visual identity and website? One dedicated day to create amazing


Vogue dreams, Instagram budget?

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