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How to send a quote, contract, & invoice in 17hats Digital Marketing Beth Rowles

Read more about Digital Marketing for Inspiring Entrepreneurs here.

If you’re a new entrepreneur or coach, you’re probably wondering how to get your client on-boarded in a professional way.

When I started, I used DocuSign for contracts and Acuity for scheduling and payments. It was tedious if I wanted to change the invoice, and the addition of another program for the contract just made it harder for my customers to get started. Add to that the organizational challenges of keeping up on their e-mails, phone calls, and needs, and it was really overwhelming!

When a graphic designer sent me her quote + contract + invoice all in one, I immediately asked her what program she was using. Since then, 17Hats and I have been BFF’s!

Things you’ll need before you get started:

  1. Your brand set up in 17hats (logo, address, etc.)
  2. A contract template
  3. Your invoicing/payment processor set up (PayPal, Stripe, Square, or – can be found under Account Settings -> Money Matters -> Invoice Options)

How to Send a Quote, Contract, and Invoice At One Time in 17Hats:

  1. Open your brand in 17Hats. Navigate to the gear icon to visit your Account Settings.

  2. Click on New Template, then Quote.

  3. Name your Quote and set up any details like sales tax or discounts.

  4. Under Add, choose the kind of item you want to add. “Standard” if you’re offering just one item, “Choose One” if you have more than 1 option they can choose from, or “Choose Any” if they could pick more than 1 option.

  5. Now check the box next to “Contract,” and either choose a pre-made contract template or create one (and save for future use).

  6. Check the box next to “Invoice,” modifying the options if necessary. You can also set up a payment schedule if you’d like to arrange one.

  7. Click “Save

  8. To use your new bundle, just add your lead as a Contact and create a new Project. Choose “Create New” and select “Quote.”  Find your quote in the list, click on it, and hit Save.  You’re ready to send it off and start serving your awesome new client!


That’s it!  It’s easy-peasy and your client will love the simplicity of it. To get 10% off your annual or higher subscription of 17Hats, use my referral link.

If you want help optimizing your business (including setting up 17Hats!) I can help – just sign up here.