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Want to know the way you’re here to inspire?

I’m Beth Rowles, a consultant for wise creatives who want their family life or business to reflect their own brand of awesome

Time to smile from ear to ear,

crank up some Jerry Lee Lewis tunes,

and take a sip of your

it’s-easy-cuz-I-know-my-soul-truth soy latte


Holding your tongue.

Feeling like no one gets you.

Not knowing who “your people” really are.

 What’s your magic?

Stop the madness of trying to inspire others without being crystal clear on what you’re really about.

Every new chapter in my life, motherhood to coach, started with a question: What kind of [this new thing] AM I??

Like most of you, I learned to shut up, shrink down, and be less of myself to be liked, loved, or accepted. I trusted all the experts and tossed my gut to the side.

So when the s#!t started to hit the fan in my roles & relationships, I had no inner compass to turn to. Who the hell was I, really?? What do I have to offer? What matters to me?

Then my kids came along, and I realized I’d better figure it out quick so I could model the kind of adulting that would save them the drama and trauma I’d experienced.

When I started coaching clients, I realized I had a gift for understanding deeply who they are, seeing this clear picture of their magic that they just couldn’t see. Little did I know, I’ve had this ability my whole life. I can feel a person’s Soul Truth and sense just how far out of alignment they are from it.

For decades, this unopened gift caused me misery as I just wanted to help them get out of their own way and onto the big goals their soul had for them.

Now I help brilliant moms, solo entrepreneurs, and everyone in-between, see the truth of who their higher self, or soul, really is. 

Not into woo? No problem. This ability transcends your awareness. Through intuition, analysis, guidance, and clairsentience I can pull the golden threads of your fabric and sew it into your truth in form. (You can just call it your purpose.)

Whether you’re trying to model a better marriage or build a better business, I’m obsessed with bringing the divine wisdom within you into something the people that matter to you can see.

It’s time to turn on your spotlight, my beautiful Super Soul Model.

I’m here to help you bring the divine into form.

You’re here to rock life’s catwalk.

Learn a bit more about me…

and how I ended up here.

I grew up in the sunny south and was homeschooled, also attending ballet, art, and piano lessons. AKA I was spoiled, home all day with nothing but warm temps and a big, blue pool on the hill behind our house. We were always enrolled in something, but my favorite was the summer camps at the Roper Mountain Science Center, where we learned about everything from biology to astronomy under the hot Carolina sun.

Business was in my blood from as early as I can remember. I was always planning events, organizing clubs, creating items to sell, and even hit the pavement to hustle overpriced nuts and gift wrap in my unsuspecting southern neighborhood so I could earn prizes. In 5th grade, I took a huge blow when my booming seed bead jewelry business was shut down for disrupting the class by my math teacher.

By the age of 17, after being dragged to the frigid north and forced to attend equally frigid Catholic schools, I was working as an office manager for a local builder. After doing some website work for him, I started a business as a website designer (dBA Online Appeal). I taught myself HTML and could whip up a cool page by hand in no time. In fact, one of my original clients STILL uses my handwritten website circa 2000!

As it turns out, I had no idea how to really navigate difficult client relationships at that age so when I finally found myself in one,  I stopped designing sites. From there I dove into the retail world, managing a western wear and tack shop for a few years, before moving into sales for a wireless company. From there I was asked to apply at the competitor and found a home at Centennial Wireless.

It wasn’t long before I became utterly fascinated by how cell phones work and what would cause them not to. I took a huge paycut to join our new drive test team so I could get my foot in the door of the engineering department.

Soon it was apparent that I was born to fix the layered and complicated problems that degrade wireless performance. Just like I can intuitively sense your Soul Truth, I could intuitively decipher the root cause of a degradation in the network.  I learned and taught myself everything I could about radio frequency, frequency hopping, GSM,  dropped calls, uplink, downlink, multipath fading, and on and on. I designed tests, created detailed reports, and advised the planning team, often catching and finding major issues in the field. I loved troubleshooting core issues and figuring out complex problems. After being promoted to a performance technician (who also directed and supervised our drive test team), my scientist heart designed and created a rolling plexiglass case for our test equipment from my garage. 

In 2010 I married my husband and from then until 2013 we dealt with infertility, a relative with severe paranoid schizophrenia, caring for elderly family, and a move across the midwest to Ohio. I had just given up on what seemed like almost a lifelong dream of having a child when I found out I was pregnant in June of 2013. Her pending arrival started a countdown for me, of learning everything I could before it was too late about raising a daughter who wouldn’t look back on her childhood in tears.


And while I loved my job and improving wireless performance, being bought by a giant company in 2010 after 7 years in a small one taught me about what it’s like to move at a snail’s pace through a massive organization. We were restructured and reorganized, shuffled to 4 different bosses in 7 years, until we weren’t even allowed to take customer complaints anymore. When a surplus opportunity came up again in 2017, I volunteered. The writing was on the wall anyway as they tried to stop their financial bleeding, and I hoped the severance package could get me through starting up my business.

By that point, my second baby had arrived, and I was immersed in a world of learning everything I could about child development, psychology, quantum physics, and living consciously. I have over 212 hours of training directly with a clinical psychologist (Dr. Shefali Tsabary), plus my intensive certification through the Jai Institute for Parenting – and the countless other books I’ve read and research I did until I figured out exactly how I wouldn’t totally screw up my kids.

As I launched my coaching business, it was only a few months before I realized my peers also needed a lot of tech support. And then I realized they needed marketing support, and so I formed The Family Alchemists with 11 other amazing women who also wanted to change the world. Since April of 2018 I’ve learned how to serve them, managed projects, created a strategy, and implemented everything along the way. I also designed a unique matching quiz and algorithm to allow clients to find a Family Alchemist™ who is at a similar wavelength and has transformed what they are seeking to transform.  And I built an online learning platform for us, similar to Teachable, called the University of Alchemy.

Also in this time, I completely transformed my marriage (by then it was on the rocks) by applying everything I’d learned about consciousness and healing my own stuff – reprogramming my brain out of the stale patterns and into a new way of living authentically.  So I wrote a book about it. And edited, formatted, and had it published myself. While this book was about becoming more of myself, the next will be about how I reconnected with him. Spoiler alert: all of my years in RF helped me save my marriage by understanding the sheer power of our invisible energy fields. 

So now my study has shifted to advertising, copywriting, and marketing. I’m pursuing a BS in Marketing Management from WGU while also taking courses and certifications like Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure, HubSpot Email and Content Marketing, Copy Boss, 7 Figure Copy Writing, and more. I’ve updated my knowledge of website and graphic design, adding WordPress, countless tools and plugins, and more Photoshop to my skillset.

So, that’s my journey in a nutshell. 

I delight in helping you bring more of yourself, your Soul Truth, to vibrant life for your families or customers. It’s my honor to reveal your unique gifts and offerings so you can embrace your magic and let it guide the work that you do.


Divinity’s in the Details

Q&A With Moi

Who do you look up to?

Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, Marianne Williamson, my clients, and anyone else who conquered their fears to change the world

What are your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate, fountain pens, anything on Bravo, my bourgeoisie boyfriend Shep from Southern Charm (& the rest of the cast), Amazon, salt & vinegar chips

What are your hobbies?

Swimming, reading (usually 3 books at one time), taking classes, research, meditating, learning everything I can about marketing, playing with my kids, cooking (thanks HelloFresh), yoga, birdwatching, and planning vacations last minute

Fav vacation spot?

We go to Gatlinburg nearly every year for our anniversary, but I’d love to explore Fiji, Hawaii, more of California, and Costa Rica. And Universal Studios!

Dogs or cats?

I adore my boxer-husky mix Mela. I’m already crying thinking about her not being by my side. She literally follows me EVERYWHERE. My husband is allergic to cats but otherwise I love them too! 

Favorite holiday?

I love Christmas purely for the music – which I could play all year long! I’m also a huge fan of the smell of a log fire and spruce, so it’s kind of dreamy

Favorite foods?

Soy lattes, sushi, delicious vegan food though we aren’t strict about it, popcorn, dark chocolate, nuts, iced tea, bananas, and Carolina hot bbq boneless wings with fresh cut french fries 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still loving my life, enjoying a preteen, and totally rocking my ability to bring the divine into form 🙂 And enjoying vacations at my second house in Hawaii! 

You name it, I’ve probably done it.

Guiding Light

My core values


Be centered in the moment

Choose intentionally

Honor your worth always

Start with spiritual hygiene through self care

Bring the divine into form and nothing less

Work from a state of high frequency

Be responsible for the energy you bring

Understand your motivation

Say goodbye to the game of trying to be who people want you to be and say hell yeah to unapologetically offering YOUR special gift

Get totally clear on your Soul Truth and let that guide what you create

Ready to take action?

3, 2, 1, Let’s Go!!!

Read my blog

Cozy up to some good ol’ fashioned ramblings

Write me

What’s on your mind beauty?

Work with me

I see that glint in your eye. Let’s do this!

here’s to looking at you, babe.


Beth Rowles