What is Authentic Wife (and Family) Mentoring?

I help my clients to:

1. Learn practical information like how to handle tantrums or get their child to brush their teeth.
2. Open the door to their OWN inner expert, so even when our time ends they still feel empowered to make the right choice every time or deconstruct why they are triggered.
3. Give themselves permission to take loving care of themselves first so that they are giving to their family from an energy overflow.
4.  Identify areas where they seem to keep repeating the same experiences in their relationships and deconstruct to find out where it started so they can transform it.
5.  Learn how to manage stress and suffering so they can rise out of anxiety or depression BEFORE it starts.
6. Hear any messages I receive intuitively about their gifts or purpose.
7. Harness the power of their energy so they can create the life and relationships they want.
If your marriage is stuck, I only need to work with one of you to change everything.  I’ve been there.  I know how much it seems like he/she needs to go see someone.  I promise you it IS possible to change the relationship through your own transformation!
If during our time together, your spouse does decide they are ready to do this work, I’m able to offer each of you a 10% discount.  I will continue to work with you individually.  I do not do couples group sessions as I find that often one person is motivated to persuade the other.  Being able to see life from the other’s perspective first takes individual healing.
Please see the Couples & Packages page to see available discounts for larger packages that include my The Authentic Life Course.

Please book your appointment below. Evenings/weekends may be available by request, please send an email to: beth@familybeing.com