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I want to work with couples before they divorce because I know the pain of watching two parents’ inner children at war while the real children in the family suffer the consequences. 

So many separations are for the better, but not until two whole adults are participating in a mutually beneficial separation will the family’s fracture not cause collateral damage in the children.

I know first hand that growing into a whole adult, which stops enabling your partner to also stay stuck in inner child, can often create an even better intimate relationship than the one they’re currently experiencing together. 

My marriage became the vessel through which I reclaimed the real me.

This work ultimately saved my marriage by turning it into a balanced partnership between two adults. 

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Is My Marriage Hurting My Child?

As a conscious parent, you’ll do everything in your power to give your kids the best life possible. This quiz looks at an overview of your marriage and home from your child’s perspective, to see how likely it is that what they are experiencing now is going to affect them in the future.

I blame love.

I blame love. We come into this world full of it, but then are told that in order to experience it from our parents, we better change. If you’re quiet, I’ll love you.  If you pick up the mess, I’ll love you. If you lose weight, I’ll love you. If you get me a gift,...

Let’s Talk About Saving Your Marriage

When I see advice for couples in struggling marriages, it often includes things like "make a deposit in their emotional bank account." Or "focus on the positive." Or "go on a date night." Or "get over yourself and only worry about the WE." Well that's all fine and...

Your time is NOW.

How much longer must the world wait for the real you? Join us today. Become a Super Soul Model & let’s find your Soul Truth, together!

super soul model:


1.  a married role model mom, aligned to her soul truth, inspiring her husband to reconnect to his

2. an individual living her purpose, aligned to the truth of who she is, inspiring her children to do the same

3. an entrepreneur serving her clients with an inspirational business guided by the expertise of her soul

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