Couples & Packages

I know what it’s like…


…to agonize over the decision of whether to get divorced or not.  I know what’s it’s like to do everything in your power to be an amazing parent and feel like ending your relationship is going to ruin all of it by making the kids suffer.   I know how important it is for you to do the very best that you can for your family and to wonder how you’ll ever get your husband or wife to change.  And if you start doing the work, I know what it’s like to feel like you’re a balloon bobbing happily along in the clouds and they yank you down with their negativity.


The relationship is only going to be as healthy as the one of you that is hurting the most, but that doesn’t mean that you’re powerless.  Through looking at my own challenges, I was able to not only empower myself but empower my husband and support him through situational depression and addictive behavior.  I was able to finally take on another’s perspective as I finally felt free from my own inner child pain and a heart closed to vulnerability.


I have started working with couples and now offer a discount on packages that include my course, The Authentic Life: Uncaging Your Self + Your Partner and Kids in the Process.  I will be working with you each individually while you both go through the course.


No matter what happens in your marriage, after working with me you’ll be ready and able to disrupt patterns that have kept you playing small for years.  Want to learn more?  Head over to my Services page and schedule a call so we can determine the best course of action for you and your family!


Elevate Your Parenting & Marriage in One Course! Introducing:

The Authentic Life Course

I’ve taken all of the knowledge that transformed my own marriage and put it into an Online Course:


The Authentic Life: Uncaging Your Self + Your Partner and Kids in the Process!

This online course is geared toward my 1:1 clients to go through as we work together, but you can take it on its own as well.


You’ll Learn:

  • What the cage is and WHY we do the things we do because of our childhood experiences
  • Why you got married and how the unconscious intention behind it is causing a fracture in your partnership
  • How a baby puts incredible pressure on a relationship, revealing its cracks
  • How to respond rather than react when your spouse or child makes you feel anger or rage
  • How to go from lack to abundance and move out of conditions ripe for depression
  • Why what you think love is is holding you back from happiness
  • How to identify and meet your needs without causing suffering for your children
  • Where you fall on the narcissist-empath spectrum and how to get out of the roles you’ve both been playing
  • How to set and hold boundaries and limits for yourself and your children
  • What your emotions mean and how to regulate them as well as how to be your child’s emotion coach
  • Understand your patterns and why certain behaviors trigger you
  • How to use the relationship you have to grow before repeating the same patterns with another
  • Practical matters like balancing household chores and financial stress
  • Why we have addictions and how to help your spouse through theirs or begin to heal yours
  • How to re-establish trust and create honest and open lines of communication, with your child or spouse
  • What to do if you’ve been cheated on or are thinking about cheating
  • How to connect with sex and set rewarding intentions for intimacy
  • If divorce is best for you or your child and when, if at all, to have one
  • How to release the lessons from your current relationship so you can move on into new journeys together
  • How to communicate so you each feel seen, heard, and loved
  • Why there may still be doubt about the relationship when the other person won’t grow
  • How to create a new and rewarding partnership

I completely understand that this is not a small amount of money.  If this looks like too big of an investment for you, I get it. You can still work with me for just three sessions, adding the online course when you’re able if you’d like.  These packages exist just to honor your loyalty and offer you a cost savings should you decide you’d like to work together for a longer period, or as a couple!