Hi! I’m Beth.

As a result of working with me, parents have confidence that their children will become adults that are successful, empowered, and won’t bring up their name in therapy!  My clients’ kids become adults that won’t be misused, abused, and maltreated because they know their worth.

As a result of working with me, husbands and wives get to see the person they married again.  Relationships go from their deathbed to thriving– from flipping him off behind his back to planning date night.  From wondering how you’ll support yourself if you call that divorce attorney to being amazed by his support.

I’m a Certified Parenting Coach and have trained personally with Dr. Shefali Tsabary (Oprah’s “favorite parenting expert” and author of The Conscious Parent) and Suzi Lula (self care expert and author of The Motherhood Evolution) + I’m a Certified Practical Reiki Master. 

I’m a mother of two little rays of sunshine under six and I’ve been married for eight years.  I love reading, learning, researching, swimming, meditating, science, and of course Netflix when I’m indulging my guilty pleasures.  I also sketch portraits.

I’m the author of a book on marriage (how I went from beyond ready to divorce to happily ever after in my own relationship).   I’m the founder and CEO of The Family Alchemists.  And I run A Soul Meeting online conscious book clubs.

My specialties include: children ages 0-6, couples + marriage, and self care.

When I say relationships are my jam, I mean it.



I’m all about you.

Your dreams and goals, heartbreaks and struggles.

Your victories are my victories.

Your kids showering you with I Love You Mom‘s and fresh picked flowers.

Your husband pulling you in close and whispering, “What else can I do for you today?“

Because when the relationships in your life aren’t causing you stress or anxiety, the real you is able to shine. 

That means finding your purpose, living your dreams, or even just making the best decision, or standing up to the person that always makes your heart pound with fear.  It means knowing what YOU want and getting it!

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