6 Mistakes Most People Make When Setting Boundaries

In this free series on Facebook live, I’ll be answering the following questions:

1. What are boundaries?
2. How do I hold a boundary?
3. What boundaries should I hold with my kids?
4. Why don’t they listen when I enforce them?
5. Why do I feel guilty when I hold them?
6. Why do people keep violating my boundaries?

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I wanted to do what’s best for my child when it came to setting limits, but I had to rely on research to figure out what was healthy because I knew what I was shown wasn’t it.

The old authoritarian parenting paradigm leaves us ill-prepared to instill healthy boundaries because it was based on violating ours.

Even the emotion of anger, which alerts us to a personal boundary violation, was rejected— or expressed onto us by parents whose own needs weren’t getting met.

I’m passionate about helping others with setting boundaries and holding limits because they are the foundation for how we consciously relate to ourselves and others.

👉🏼I’ll be starting a Facebook live series on the 6 Mistakes Most People Make When Setting Boundaries this Thursday, April 25th, 2019 at 1:00 PM!

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I’ll be talking about:

🖤 our own personal boundaries with our partners and others
🖤 what limits to hold and how with children
🖤 what children need to be able to hold their own healthy limits as adults
🖤 what to do when our spouse violates a boundary

And more! Please join my tribe of wise creatives who are champions for children here.

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See you there!

-Beth Rowles | Family Alchemist™️



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