This Girl Believes It’s Totally Possible to Find a Happy Relationship Again, Without Leaving The One You’re In.

Life Coaching

Key stages of our early development affect everything from your will-power to creative expression. If you want to achieve more in life, find the imbalances your childhood created and correct them. Neuroplasticity is a fancy way of saying that your brain can change, but it takes the right practices to do it.  I’ll guide you every step of the way. Let’s get started!

Conscious Parenting Mentor

How DO you get them to bed? Am I going to have to brush her teeth forever? WILL HE EVER GET DRESSED ON HIS OWN?? If your kids are 0-6, guess what Mama? These are CRUCIAL years. Crucial, maddening years! I specialize in this age, so you can give them that long-term success leg-up in their formative years, without sacrificing your sanity.

Relationship Rescue

If you’ve been Googling divorce attorneys, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to end this way. Put this relationship to WORK. Use the conflict to figure out what you need in a relationship before you (maybe?) move on to the next. I figured out how to get my husband off the couch and active in our lives without the drama. Curious? Read my book all about it!

Save your marriage, starting today!

My Approach

I believe that you already have all of the wisdom you need but there are layers of doubt and conditioning that are blocking you from accessing it.  Your physical body is also in a cage of stored emotions.  I will assist you to begin to become aware of this emotional weight and teach you how to channel it in healthy ways as well as identify what it means.

My Process

Depending on your individual needs, we can have as few or as many sessions together as you would like.   We’ll have a phone call & I will mix prompts and observations that assist you to become aware of deeper root causes and recurring patterns,  depending on your situation.  Email support is also provided in-between our sessions.

Unique Framework

My own experience with personal growth was messy, and I’m the kind of person that likes to see the best information in one place.  I’ve gathered everything I’ve learned and will offer you the best practices I’ve found to transform.  This is a process of healing layer by layer.  You can also choose to be guided through my 10 Module Authentic Life Course.

What’s Conscious Parenting, and Why’s It Important?

Their Little Feet Will Follow In Your Footsteps.

  • That’s why there’s no greater investment you can make in your child’s future right now than your own personal growth. 
  • There’s absolutely nothing else you could spend your hard-earned money on today that would do more for your child’s success in life than you getting the support to heal, evolve, and unfold into your fullest potential– which means your children will too.
  • There’s nothing you could buy that would give your child a better chance than you being able to love them–and your partner if you have one–in a healthy, unconditional way.
  • Your children will inherit everything from you; your insecurities, your fears, your lack of (or rigid) boundaries, your habits, and especially your beliefs about your own worth.

Conscious Parents become aware of the ways they have been limited by their own past, before unconsciously passing it on to their kids.


Hi! I’m Beth Rowles.

Parents hire me to help them use their relationships for personal growth, so they can put an end to painful generational patterns and enjoy their marriage while best supporting their children.

I can see through their current conflict to identify the overall patterns at play, so they can focus their attention to heal and grow in those specific areas which creates real change quickly.

I have personally transformed my own high-conflict marriage all without my husband having to attend a single class or counseling session, by using the same tools that I use to intuitively guide my clients back to loving and connected relationships.

I believe it’s possible to find a happy relationship again without ever leaving the one you’re in.

I had a fairly typical childhood, including parents that did their best, which I believe almost all parents do.   We were homeschooled, spent most of our days in the pool or playing in the woods, traveled and went to museums–we had what sounds like an idyllic youth.  Until I turned eight, and my parents turned my world upside down by getting divorced.

Unfortunately for almost all of us, the culture I grew up in believed in training a child to comply, to conform, to contort to not only please our parents but with the idea that it was necessary for our success.  This meant that my parents didn’t even know what it meant to be empathetic or mirror my strong emotions.  Allowing me to be authentic seemed to be a foreign concept.  My story is not unique and I don’t share it to blame my parents in any way.  They did what they thought was best.

I’m in my 30’s and only NOW re-discovering who I am: what I truly love, what my gifts are, and my purpose.  I’m only figuring this out now because of my journey into motherhood.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew at my core that I didn’t want to shut her down the way I was, or burden her with adult responsibilities, but I wasn’t sure how to not do the same damage.

A few months after she was born I watched Dr. Shefali Tsabary on Oprah, and subsequently devoured her book, The Conscious Parent.  I realized she was speaking this inner knowing I’d had all of my life, that parents are here to usher their children into adulthood, but not to interfere with their soul’s unique blueprint by inadvertently passing on their own pain from THEIR childhoods.

A former RF Engineer, I’ve since trained for two and a half years directly with Dr. Shefali,  become a Jai Institute for Parenting certified parenting coach, read over a hundred parenting, relationship, and self-improvement books, become a Practical Reiki Master (energy healer),  and added a self-care specialty in 2018 from Suzi Lula (the mother of self-care)

I’m also the founder of an organization that supports clients and coaches by matching them with the exact support they need, The Family Alchemists, and the author of The Authentic Wife: Uncaging Yourself Through Marriage.

Realizing I was living in a cage of conditioning and inherited fears has allowed me to notice that the door was open, to rediscover my wings, and take the courageous flight out into the unknown.  I no longer contort or conform to make everyone else comfortable, accommodating them in their pain while increasing my own.

I’ve discovered that I only want to be loved by people who love the authentic me.  I’ve discovered what love really is. This took my marriage from the brink of divorce to a powerfully aligned spiritual partnership that has freed BOTH of us in the process. Our relationship has never been better or more supportive than it is right now!

I would love to gently guide you on your own journey and use my intuitive gifts to help you discover your invisible cage, re-claim your wings, and take flight.  

I’d be honored to support you while you learn how to fly.

Are you ready to uncage yourself?  Right this way!

Ready to Uplevel?

I’ve taken all of the knowledge that transformed my own marriage and put it into a 10 Week Course:


The Authentic Life: Uncaging Your Self + Your Partner and Kids in the Process!


This online course is geared toward my 1:1 clients to go through as we work together, but you can take it on its own as well.


You'll Learn:
  • What the cage is and WHY we do the things we do because of our childhood experiences
  • Why you got married and how the unconscious intention behind it is causing a fracture in your partnership
  • How a baby reveals a relationship’s cracks
  • How to respond rather than react when you’re angry
  • How to move out of conditions ripe for depression
  • Why what you think love is, is holding you back from happiness
  • How to identify and meet your needs without causing suffering for your children
  • Where you fall on the narcissist-empath spectrum and how to get out of the roles you’ve both been playing
  • How to set and hold boundaries and limits for yourself and your children
  • What your emotions mean and how to regulate them as well as how to be your child’s emotion coach
  • Understand your patterns and why certain behaviors trigger you
  • How to use the relationship you have to grow before repeating the same patterns with another
  • Practical matters like balancing household chores and financial stress
  • Why we have addictions and how to help your spouse through theirs or begin to heal yours
  • How to re-establish trust and create honest and open lines of communication, with your child or spouse
  • What to do if you’ve been cheated on or are thinking about cheating
  • How to connect with sex and set rewarding intentions for intimacy
  • If divorce is best for you or your child and when, if at all, to have one
  • How to release the lessons from your current relationship so you can move on into new journeys together
  • How to communicate so you each feel seen, heard, and loved
  • Why there may still be doubt about the relationship when the other person won’t grow
  • How to create a new and rewarding partnership

Are you a husband or wife looking to enhance connection within your family and marriage?

Mentoring is not a one-size-fits-all process.  I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and find the best ways to serve your specific needs so you can live an empowered life!

Identify Your Triggers

Know what conditions set the stage for anger and how to express that anger in a healthy way so you can hold fearless boundaries in the face of unconscious behavior.

Child Development

I can tell you what your child needs and when they need it so you can have a clearly defined partnership when it comes to raising your children.

Self-Love Coaching

To raise a successful adult that can set and hold healthy boundaries, modeling self-care is paramount.  We’ll work to understand why you aren’t making yourself a priority and uncover any guilt you may feel about leaving your children.

Empowering Communication

I’ll teach you how to ask for and get what you want, starting with clearly identifying what you need.  Through our work together, you’ll learn why you’ve stopped trusting yourself and how to regain that trust.

My Articles and Resources:

Learn more about my philosophy on conscious parenting, marriage, personal growth, authenticity, and more.

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Is My Marriage Hurting My Child?

As a conscious parent, you’ll do everything in your power to give your kids the best life possible. This quiz looks at an overview of your marriage and home from your child’s perspective, to see how likely it is that what they are experiencing now is going to affect them in the future.

I blame love.

I blame love. We come into this world full of it, but then are told that in order to experience it from our parents, we better change. If you’re quiet, I’ll love you.  If you pick up the mess, I’ll love you. If you lose weight, I’ll love you. If you get me a gift,...

Behavior: How Not Using Stoplight Charts Can Improve It

The use of stoplight charts negatively impact the child at worst and are an ineffective tool in managing classroom behavior at best.  There are a variety of different evidence-based programs that teachers can utilize instead, and some that encourage the added component of mindfulness to take self-regulation and cognitive ability a step further.   Work with your teacher and school to help them help your child today. 

Client Love:

“Beth is incredible!  She has a unique way of authentically aligning with her clients in a calm and connective state allowing the client to feel safe and supported.  Would recommend her parent coaching to anyone seeking to move to the next level of conscious connectedness with their children or in any relationship they are feeling stuck.”

C. M.

Beth is a breath of fresh air! She could see where we were stuck and why. She guided us through resolving issues that were affecting us personally and professionally as we are business partners, too. We’re so grateful for her!

J. J.

“When I think about my life and my parenting now, I feel strong, confident, loving, as though I can better manage the the little things along with the giant crisis’ that tend to occur; I feel like I’m more empathetic with my child and recognize my own triggers and barriers in my parenting choice more often.”


Thank you for helping me to see that my husband’s behavior was out of my control. Releasing him has brought both of us freedom. I’m happy to know how to move forward.

H. C.

My Book on Conscious Marriage:

 The Authentic Wife: Uncaging Yourself Through Marriage


Do you find yourself more and more resentful of your husband since the kids arrived?

Are you both totally disconnected, wondering why the experts keep telling you a date night and a loving text is all you need? 

I’ve been there.

Once the kids came, a big divide grew every day, fracturing our marriage.

An imbalance in bearing the burdens, neither of us getting any real self-care, and clashing views on parenting drove us to fight or bicker non-stop, and divorce started to look like the best option.

The Authentic Wife is a vulnerable journey into how I learned that staying in my marriage could support me to uncover my authentic self and take the power back for my own happiness.

Once my biggest trigger, my husband ended up being the greatest teacher and healer I’d ever had.

This raw journey ultimately saved my marriage, and my children from the intense suffering I’d experienced as a child of divorced parents.

Get on the same page about parenting


Find out the real reason behind your anger


Learn how to ask for the help you need


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to judge me or follow me around and critique my parenting?

No, not at all. I hold absolutely no judgement! This isn’t about shaming or making anyone feel yucky, this is about finding solutions and ways to make your reality match your vision for your family.

I care about you and want to help you live your sweetest life possible. Through that, your children will thrive.

Effective communication is my thing and I am able to give you practical tools and tips, especially for those maddening 0-6 years — which are my specialty.

This sounds like therapy… is this therapy?

No, this isn’t therapy. Therapists often go to coaches! Some clients go to a therapist and a coach at the same time, depending on their histories and any traumas they’ve experienced. Coaching is more in the field of Spiritual Psychology — together we will take care of the whole you: mind, body, and spirit.

Some therapists view the client as needing to be fixed, and eagerly hand out a diagnosis.  I view you as already whole and full of the wisdom you need to heal and achieve what you want.

Also, my goal is never to have a life-long client. I want you to feel relief now AND be able to find it on your own, too!

Will you work with my child?

I would love to talk with your adolescent child if they need support, but a younger child’s transformation almost always depends on the parent’s transformation.

If your child has special needs, please visit The Family Alchemists to be matched to a coach, mentor, or advocate that can best assist you.

I don’t see a time that works for me on your schedule, do you have anything else available?

I will make an attempt to work with your schedule if I can, just contact me!  Almost no time is totally out of the question.

I’ve Gathered Fun & Realistic Methods for Getting Cooperation

Young kids test us because they are relentless in getting their needs met, but that often clashes with our own agenda.  To meld our two worlds, we have to enter theirs first before they’ll cooperate.  For young kids, this often means through PLAY!

Likewise, if it’s your husband or wife that isn’t a “good listener”, I can help you enter their world, too!

Have Your Question Answered Today

Have a burning question about your child or marriage that can’t wait?  Send it to me now and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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They'll Follow In Your Footsteps...

There’s no amount of private education, gifted programs, music, sports, or dance classes that will circumvent the fact that we inherit limiting beliefs and our sense of worth from our parents, and will live out their patterns to some degree when we become adults.

The greatest investment a parent can make in their child is their own mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

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