I help women align to their Soul Truth to inspire others – including their children, husbands, or clients.

Are you a smart momma on a mission to create a trauma-free childhood for your children so they’ll have a drama-free life?

By uncovering your Soul Truth – or the beautiful personality you were born with before you shrank yourself to be accepted – you’ll recapture the magic of your childhood and inspire the masses!

Feel in charge of your own life

Move forward by identifying the root cause of the drama in your relationships – give yourself what your caregivers couldn’t and learn how to mourn them not being what you needed them to be so you can create a better life for your family

Know the best way to do things

Learn exactly what your child needs so you’ll know how to communicate with them and help them have a drama-free and shame-free childhood. Learn how to use natural consequences & limits instead of punishment and withdrawal of love

Be heard & respected

Create loving relationships by unlocking the voice to speak your truth so others know how to care for you. Deal with conflict in a healthy way and resolve issues without making them worse so you can model conscious & respectful relationships for your children.

Feel safe & protect your kids

Make sure your kids are treated respectfully by everyone around them so no harm is done. Learn how to not feel guilty for asking for what you need to feel safe and model healthy boundaries to raise successful kids who attract respectful partners.

Entrepreneurs Start Here

When I started in business, I was learning from everyone — the programs where I earned my certifications, wisdom teachers,  marketing experts, my copywriter, business coaches, and more. In all of that learning, the truth of who I am was buried. In order to prosper in business, you must be able to uncover, clarify, and align to your Soul Truth in everything from your product or service to your message & digital presence.

Parents Start Here

As a new parent, I was determined not to screw my children up. Every day was a hunt for the right answer so I could raise them without trauma. Then I discovered Conscious Parenting and was able to understand how what I was most afraid of was passing on my own worries, fears, and shame to my kids. I help parents know what’s best to do for their babies at each stage AND clear any behaviors or beliefs they don’t want to unintentionally model. 

Couples Start Here

If you thought everyone was trying to tell you how to parent, you should ask for advice on your marriage! We are so confused by literal fairy tales and movie drama that we don’t even know what a relationship looks like anymore. If your parents fought or divorced, then it’s going to happen in your own marriage. Uncover your truth- your wants, dreams, and desires- to co-create a loving, respectful relationship – even if it feels like your marriage is already over. 

Give them a trauma-free childhood, become a Super Soul Model today!

It’s never been more easy or affordable to get personalized support and guidance. With plans from $25/week and support options including messenger or email, you don’t have to leave your kids or carve out even an hour of time alone to get the loving care you need as a committed mom. 

Angry? Where Are Your Boundaries?

If you’re an empath, having kids revealed any way you gave too much of yourself to the more narcissistic partner. Whatever imbalance existed--in meeting their needs over meeting your own--will be revealed because your kids don’t have an alternative; they depend on you...

Is Your Missing Intention For Your Relationship Sabotaging It?

“What’s your intention for your...

What is a Conscious Parenting Coach?

A Conscious Parenting Coach is someone that has been extensively trained in child development, psychology, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. As a Conscious Parenting Coach, my focus is the relationship, either between the parent and the child or between both...

Is Your Ego Where Your Boundaries Should Be?

Heart armor used to do the job of my missing boundaries. Maybe you know this armor as your ego. It's that voice inside your head that judges others as good or bad to make you feel safe and good. It's always trying to build us up so we don't feel pain. The more hurts...

Mom, I’m Not a Crybaby

Imagine you're watching a child struggle at the playground. Tears start to fall as his big sister pushes in front of him. His mom pulls the phone away from her mouth to tell him to stop crying right now, that she's "not raising no crybaby." What she doesn't know is...

6 Mistakes Most People Make When Setting Boundaries

Have you always wondered what boundaries really are and how to hold them with your family? In this six-part series on the University of Alchemy, I address six common mistakes most people make when setting boundaries. It answers the questions: 1. What are boundaries?...

Is My Marriage Hurting My Child?

As a conscious parent, you’ll do everything in your power to give your kids the best life possible. This quiz looks at an overview of your marriage and home from your child’s perspective, to see how likely it is that what they are experiencing now is going to affect them in the future.

I blame love.

I blame love. We come into this world full of it, but then are told that in order to experience it from our parents, we better change. If you’re quiet, I’ll love you.  If you pick up the mess, I’ll love you. If you lose weight, I’ll love you. If you get me a gift,...

Behavior: How Not Using Stoplight Charts Can Improve It

The use of stoplight charts negatively impact the child at worst and are an ineffective tool in managing classroom behavior at best.  There are a variety of different evidence-based programs that teachers can utilize instead, and some that encourage the added component of mindfulness to take self-regulation and cognitive ability a step further.   Work with your teacher and school to help them help your child today. 

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Client Love:

“Beth is incredible!  She has a unique way of authentically aligning with her clients in a calm and connective state allowing the client to feel safe and supported.  Would recommend her parent coaching to anyone seeking to move to the next level of conscious connectedness with their children or in any relationship they are feeling stuck.” C. M.

Beth is a breath of fresh air! She could see where we were stuck and why. She guided us through resolving issues that were affecting us personally and professionally as we are business partners, too. We’re so grateful for her! J. J.

“When I think about my life and my parenting now, I feel strong, confident, loving, as though I can better manage the the little things along with the giant crisis’ that tend to occur; I feel like I’m more empathetic with my child and recognize my own triggers and barriers in my parenting choice more often.” D.J.

Thank you for helping me to see that my husband’s behavior was out of my control. Releasing him has brought both of us freedom. I’m happy to know how to move forward. H. C.

Read my book on finding my Soul Truth through my marriage

 The Authentic Wife: Uncaging Yourself Through Marriage


Do you find yourself more and more resentful of your husband since the kids arrived?

Are you both totally disconnected, wondering why the experts keep telling you a date night and a loving text is all you need? 

I’ve been there.

Once the kids came, a big divide grew every day, fracturing our marriage.

An imbalance in bearing the burdens, neither of us getting any real self-care, and clashing views on parenting drove us to fight or bicker non-stop, and divorce started to look like the best option.

The Authentic Wife is a vulnerable journey into how I learned that staying in my marriage could support me to uncover my authentic self and take the power back for my own happiness.

Once my biggest trigger, my husband ended up being the greatest teacher and healer I’d ever had.

This raw journey ultimately saved my marriage, and my children from the intense suffering I’d experienced as a child of divorced parents.

Get on the same page about parenting


Find out the real reason behind your anger


Learn how to ask for the help you need


They'll Follow In Your Footsteps...

There’s no amount of private education, gifted programs, music, sports, or dance classes that will circumvent the fact that we inherit limiting beliefs and our sense of worth from our parents, and will live out their patterns to some degree when we become adults.

The greatest investment a parent can make in their child is their own mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

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